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Looks great! Well done.



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Has anyone tried to print code?

In some cases a statement can not be seen.

Erel, Could you print directly onto black and white? The print driver does not show certain words that are white in the code.
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B4A IDE Themes Application

Hi All,

Finally I finished the app. It extracts values from a Visual Studio editor Scheme (VSS) file and egenerate tags for customise the B4A IDE colours.

To learn (and download) more about VSS, here is a link.
Studio Styles - Visual Studio color schemes

Note that the only tags generated are the ones supported by B4A (and Erel!)

The App is very easy to use. Select B4A.XML file (won't overwrite it or modify it in any way, just read the tags),Select VSS file to get colours from , clikc convert and the <Styles> tags require by B4A will be displayed on the textbox, ready to be copied and pasted into your B4A.xml file (remember to back it up before you modify it!)

The app has an Installer to make installing/uninstalling easier.

Here is a snapshot of a VSS theme as it shows on Visual Studio and the ssettings for B4A Created with the app.



Download link:


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Thought I'd share my slightly tweaked version of Solarized Dark (original at Solarized - Ethan Schoonover)

   <Style Key="IdeBackground" ForeColor="#002b36"/>
   <Style Key="ContentDivider" ForeColor="ControlDark"/>
   <Style Key="LineNumber" ForeColor="#586e75" />
   <Style Key="ToolTipBackground" ForeColor="Info" />
   <Style Key="ToolTipDefaultStyle" ForeColor="Black" />
   <Style Key="DefaultStyle" ForeColor="#839496"/>
   <Style Key="GlobalVariablesStyle" ForeColor="#268BD2"/>
   <Style Key="ReservedWordStyle" ForeColor="#719A07" />
   <Style Key="NumberStyle" ForeColor="#2AA198" />
   <Style Key="TypeWordStyle" ForeColor="#B58900" />
   <Style Key="StringDefaultStyle" ForeColor="#2AA198" />
   <Style Key="CommentDefaultStyle" ForeColor="#586e75" />
   <Style Key="SelectionHighlight" ForeColor="#586e75" />
   <Style Key="ReferenceHighlight" ForeColor="#00FFEF" />
   <Style Key="UndeclaredIdentifier" ForeColor="#DC322F"/>
   <Style Key="Annotation" ForeColor="#839496" />
   <Style Key="PreProcessorDirectiveKeywordStyle" Name="Pre-Processor Directive Keyword" ForeColor="#CB4B16" />



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Does not run here !!!

Hi people,

I just tried Cobrasoft Color Editor, but it says it can't find the CSS file, when I load B4A.XML, and then gives an error.

B4A 2.50 here...




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my b4a color customization

Here is my color scheme variation for B4A IDE:

<!-- Highlighting Styles -->   
   <Style Key="IdeBackground" ForeColor="White"/>
   <Style Key="ContentDivider" ForeColor="ControlDark"/>
   <Style Key="LineNumber" ForeColor="ControlDark" />
   <Style Key="ToolTipBackground" ForeColor="Yellow" />
   <Style Key="ToolTipDefaultStyle" ForeColor="Black" />
   <Style Key="DefaultStyle" ForeColor="Black"/>
   <Style Key="GlobalVariablesStyle" ForeColor="#6600CC"/>
   <Style Key="ReservedWordStyle" ForeColor="DarkBlue" Bold="True" />
   <Style Key="NumberStyle" ForeColor="Maroon" />
   <Style Key="TypeWordStyle" ForeColor="DarkCyan" Bold="True" />
   <Style Key="StringDefaultStyle" ForeColor="Green" />
   <Style Key="CommentDefaultStyle" ForeColor="ControlDark" Italic="True" />
   <Style Key="SelectionHighlight" ForeColor="PaleTurquoise" />
   <Style Key="ReferenceHighlight" ForeColor="#00FFEF" />
   <Style Key="UndeclaredIdentifier" ForeColor="Red" Bold="True" />
   <Style Key="Annotation" ForeColor="#FF6103" />
   <Style Key="PreProcessorDirectiveKeywordStyle" Name="Pre-Processor Directive Keyword" ForeColor="#FF6103" />

and the resulting effect:



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Trying to use the B4AColorSchemeEditor. I have copied the file to the B4A installation folder. The B4AColorSchemeEditor then opens nicely. However, there is no preview effect in the sample code side window when changing colors. And, there is no "save" button. What am I doing wrong?
Regards, positrom2

Bill K.

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I've been attempting to get my colours the way I like, and after lots of playing around, I've ensured that the only BLACK is the "IdeBackground"... (see B4A.xml below)

However the top portion of the code the "Project Attributes", and the "Activity Attributes" #TEXT is still black... (i.e. black on black, can't see it)... Is there a KEY that I'm missing or something?

Please see this image...
Capture_02 Oct. 05 09.21.jpg

Here is my B4A.xml colours,

        <Style Key="IdeBackground" ForeColor="Black"/>
        <Style Key="ContentDivider" ForeColor="ControlDark"/>
        <Style Key="LineNumber" ForeColor="White" />
        <Style Key="ToolTipBackground" ForeColor="Info" />
        <Style Key="ToolTipDefaultStyle" ForeColor="White" />
        <Style Key="DefaultStyle" ForeColor="DarkOrchid"/>
        <Style Key="GlobalVariablesStyle" ForeColor="Orange"/>
        <Style Key="ReservedWordStyle" ForeColor="White" />
        <Style Key="NumberStyle" ForeColor="Purple" />
        <Style Key="TypeWordStyle" ForeColor="White" />
        <Style Key="StringDefaultStyle" ForeColor="LightSteelBlue" />
        <Style Key="CommentDefaultStyle" ForeColor="Green" />
        <Style Key="SelectionHighlight" ForeColor="PaleTurquoise" />
        <Style Key="ReferenceHighlight" ForeColor="Aqua" />
        <Style Key="WarningColor" ForeColor="YellowGreen" />
        <Style Key="ErrorColor" ForeColor="Red" />
        <Style Key="UndeclaredIdentifier" ForeColor="Red" />
        <Style Key="Annotation" ForeColor="OrangeRd" />
        <Style Key="PreProcessorDirectiveKeywordStyle" Name="Pre-Processor Directive Keyword" ForeColor="White" />

PS - I've played with the Cobrasoft editor, for some time now, and for some reason isn't reading the most up to date B4A.xml file (it's missing some of the Keys, it seems)... so when starting up the B4A IDE, it just goes fails to start. Seems manual editing (trial and error) is the only way to go about this... I'm quite surprised that there isn't a feature yet in the IDE to set all these colours properly.

Thanks again! A very cool product!