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Hi Guys
I am having problems with using IDE Find All References (and searched the community post without success).

Created a class call clsInfo with various public methods, lets say a method called Save(). Then create an object in a Service (i.e. myService) using that class (i.e. called myData), then add some code to myService which calls this method (i.e. myData.Save).

If I display the clsInfo class in the IDE and select the method "Save" then click on Find All References (or press F7), I would expect it to include myService.myData.Save in the reference list - however it does not, only the sub declaration in clsInfo class.

Am I expecting too much or is there a problem?
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I believe that Find All References is discriminatory and, unlike a normal Search, will only find the references to that method of that particular object.

There is only one clsInfo so only the Save method for that object (class in this case) is found. If you selected myData.Save Find All References then all the references to the Save method of that myData object will be displayed but not those of any other instance of a clsInfo.
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