Android Code Snippet Image viewer. A zoomable image within each sliding panel

agraham's ScaleImageView library allows you to zoom the image by pinching and double-clicking.
Dominex's SlidingPanels class allows in part to place large, horizontally sliding panels.

I have put them together by making some modifications to the SlidingPanels class and adaptations with the ScaleImageView library.

  • Shows a space with painted arrows that allows you to slide the SlidingPanels
  • A SlidingPanels is not allowed to slide if its ScaleImageView has been zoomed in
  • We make the ACToolBarDark1 semi-transparent when orienting the device in landscape position
  • Allows you to remove each SlidingPanels with their contents
  • It fills the list of initial scales when changing the panel (SlidPan1_Change) or onResume
  • Now it copies the images from DirAssets to rp.GetSafeDirDefaultExternal("Images") and gets their paths, but the idea is to select them via the system MediaStore class or from a multiple attempt of the Android Gallery
  • Optionally put a space for in the future to put a Horizontal ScrollView with the thumbnails with a selector frame for the images. Which I will post soon
  • You may also be given the option to edit the image by cropping and rotating it in the future
  • Now it only allows to show images, but you could also take representative images from videos without zoom option and show them with a play icon on top
  • Images could also be sent in the future
  • If the agraham's Gestures library is added, SlidingPanels can be slid directly from displayed images, but ScaleImageView's double-click event to modify the zoom is lost
  • If you want to change the sample images in DirAssets you have to uninstall the example, manage the images in the File Manager, and maybe clean the project

Dependencies: the AppCompat, ScaleImageView, RuntimePermissions and XmlLayoutBuilder libraries. And the SlidingPanels class

I am attaching the example and the images to be placed inside the Files folder


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Thank you peacemaker.
I didn't know about this library that also saves memory like ScaleImageView.
Maybe you could also put each image inside each SlidingPanels?