Android Question Standard Page Viewer feature or error?


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Hi All

I am using the standard page viewer to display 'pages' from a catalogue.
Each page can contain up to 6 items and the user is able to swipe the pages left or right.
All good except that when sliding the pages I can see the current page behind the page I am swiping to.
Not a problem if the page is full but when I get to the last page only new entries slide across and I can see the items added to the previous page.
I have not explained this very well so will try to illustrate:

If I have 9 items to be viewed page 1 shows:

1 2 3
4 5 6

All good... however if I then swipe the screen left to move to the next page I see:

7 8 9
4 5 6

Why can I still see 4,5 & 6 when these were panels added to page 1 only?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...


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Hi Erel

I am sure you a right but I cannot see where the problem is.

Here is a simplified loop that has been used to populate the viewer panels.
As you can see from the attachments the problem seems to be that page 1 is always in the back ground!

Sub ShowStockItems

    '    initialise a standard page viewer and add it to the main panel
    '    set in index to the first page
    Dim iPanel As Int = 0
    '    create a panel array to contain details of each stock code
    Dim P(15) As Panel
    '    panel size and positionaing variables
    Dim iGap As Int = 15
    Dim iPanelHeight As Int = 230
    Dim iPanelWidth As Int = 406
    Dim iPanelTop As Int = iGap
    Dim iPanelLeft As Int = iGap
    Dim iTop As Int = iPanelTop
    Dim iLeft As Int = iPanelLeft

    '    display each stock item
    For i = 0 To 14

        '    initialise the panel
        '    add it to the view pager

        '    add a label to see which item this is
        Dim lCode As Label
        lCode.text = i

        '    check to see if we are advancing horizontally, starting a new line or starting a new page
        If (i+1) Mod 6 = 0 Then
            '    start a new page
            iTop = iPanelTop
            iLeft = iPanelLeft
            iPanel = iPanel + 1
            If (i+1) Mod 3 = 0 Then
                '    start new row on current page
                iTop = iTop + iPanelHeight + iGap
                iLeft = iPanelLeft
                '    position to next horizontal entry
                iLeft = iLeft + iPanelWidth + iGap
            End If
        End If

End Sub

The attached shows pages 1 and 2 and as you can see page 1 is visible in the background.
If I move to page 3 page 1 is still visible...



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Tried all of the above but still no change.
The dip's made no difference and the view pager was already added to the activity in Activity_Create.
Why would it only affect the first panel?
Where is the latest library code as it does not appear in the wiki page?
I am using 1.50, is this the latest version?
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I can be so stupid sometimes.
The code that added the view pager was being executed twice so it actually added two instances of it.
When I scrolled the top view pager it the first one was still visible behind it...
Sorry Erel.
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