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Marcelo Parra

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We 've developed an android App for a Company .
This is an propietary App and for this reason, does not need to be downloadable from any Store (Playstore/Appstore). We could achieve this only setting "Allow unsecure origin feature" in the target device.
We need now to do the same job for an IOS device, how am I supposed to do it?
I'll appreciate any help!!
Thanks in advance.



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About how many iPhones will the app be installed on? (1-12, 100+)

I ask because if it is only a few (<12), one possible way is to register those iPhones as development/test devices by including them in the certificate. But for a large number of devices, this method would not be practical. Also, the test certificates will expire I think every two years, so you will have to re-register the development when this happens.
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