iOS Question OTA App deployer Question (SOLVED)


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Hi all, i followed the instructions on how to send the created link to my beta testers, the link gets created just fine but when they try to install they all get an error saying the app can't be installed, i just went over the instructions one last time and i have a question regarding step number 2 specifically the part about using the development certificate, WTH, where do I get that and how do I generate it?

In order to distribute your app you need to follow these steps:

1. Add the beta tester device UDID to the provision file and download the updated file.
2. Compile your app in release mode,
using the development certificate.
3. Download the archive with Tools - Build Server - Download Last Built.
4. Open and extract the ipa file.
5. Run OTA Deployer (double click on the jar file), fill the fields and upload the ipa file to the server.

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