B4J Tutorial [IoT] Web Server Performance: Raspberry Pi 2 vs. Intel Edison vs. BeagleBone Black


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I ran some tests to check how these boards perform as web servers.

The tests were similar to the tests done here and here.

Data was read and written to a SQLite database in wal mode. See this link for more information: http://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/raspberry-pi-2-server-performance.57856/

The boards tested are: Raspberry Pi 2, Intel Edison and BeagleBone Black.
The PC is a quad core PC with SSD drive.

Note that like any performance results you need to take them with a grain of salt.

Test 1 - Handler that writes a short string as the response

RPi 2: >600 rps (requests per second)
Edison: >600 rps
BBB: 300 rps
PC: >600 rps

Test 2 - Handler that reads a random record from the database (based on the primary key)

RPi 2: >600 rps
Edison: >600 rps
BBB: 60 rps
PC : >600 rps

Test 3 - 10% insert, 90% read random record

RPi 2: 300 rps
Edison: 400 rps
BBB: 50 rps
PC: >600 rps

Test 4 - 50% insert, 50% read random record

RPi 2: 100 rps
Edison: 300 rps <-- faster than the PC
BBB: 20 rps
PC: 200 rps

Test 5 - 100% inserts

RPi 2: 50 rps
Edison: 150 rps <-- faster than the PC
BBB: 12 rps
PC: 100 rps


The performance of both the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Edison as web servers is excellent.
The BeagleBone Black board can be good for low - medium traffic solutions.

Note that I wasn't able to get the SQLite engine to run in wal mode on the BBB. It might work if you install Java 8 instead of 7.


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anyone have an idea of how different would have been the results with MySQL on PC?

I'm using MySQL and wonder if switching to SQLite would be equivalent or not.