Android Question is it possible to assign sender to global variable


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Is it possible to retain the sender of a previously clicked view by assigning it to a global variable? the documentation for sender states: "Returns the object that raised the event. Only valid while inside the event sub." is this true because it is being assigned to a local variable or is it a characteristic of its special nature? I apologize for the noob question but I couldn't find anything in previous posts and I have been getting inconsistent results in my code. Basically what I am trying to do is swap the information in one view with the previously selected view (no pun intended)


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In globals...

Dim myoldbutton as button

In the destination event...

Dim mynewbutton as button = sender
If myoldbutton <> mynewbutton then myoldbutton =mynewbutton

P.S. this is pseudo-code just to get you off in the right direction
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