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Discussion in 'iOS Bugs & Wishlist' started by qsrtech, May 19, 2015.

  1. qsrtech

    qsrtech Active Member Licensed User

    I'm having some strange behavior with this itableview(1.2) when using the addtwolines method. No matter what I try it seems the detail line always defaults to the mainline text unless I use the attributedstring with the detail, even then it won't work if some of the "details" are empty but it will work if I put a space (i.e. " ") for the detail. I use tablecell.update after adding each line. Another weird thing is in some of my "pages", the items won't show up until I use reloadall. Please look into. Thanks

    attached is the sample provided for using the library, however the only change is the attributedtext part is commented out and just use the "detail" parameter of the addtwolines

    Also, why doesn't that page_resize show up in the sub [tab]?

    P.S. I tried using only addtwolines, no bitmap, addsection. Basically all combinations and no change.

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  2. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Can you please explain what exactly you want to do because I don't understand your code.
    So before making a lot of assumptions I prefer that you explain what you need.
  3. qsrtech

    qsrtech Active Member Licensed User

    It's not my code. It's the sample code provided with the library. This is a repost as per Erel's request to "start a new thread", he seems to understand the issue but wanted a sample project.

    If you run the sample you should see that the "detail" line in the list actually show's the "main" line text when not using attributedtext, i.e. cell.detail=attributedtext object.
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

  5. qsrtech

    qsrtech Active Member Licensed User

    Thank you.
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