Android Question Job.success is not always true


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using the httputils2
i succeded in downloading a file however this occurs really randomly.
is there a way to reattempt to download if file is success is false,
is there a way to make this connection more reliable


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I am also used httputils in RDC to upload data.

In job done, upon success, i marked data that already sent, but sometimes, on a server, found double data.

These indicates that data sent more than one, also means that job done, even already completed its task, not always return true.

This is very difficult to trace cause it happens randomly.
I suspect it was caused by internet timed out.


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A similar thing happends with sockets.

the connect returns successful but when you use the socket in the successfull check the app crashes because the socket was not successfully binded.


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i donno either , the job.success was reach , and no file , however , in few occasions , when i stopped the debugger execution , i find a file appearing in the destination folder called "1" without extention , that is of the same size of the intended file , however renaming the file doesnt make it readable . but this also occured randomly ...