B4A Library JpegUtils library gives access to Exif data


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Hi @agraham - in doing some testing with an existing app running on an Android N device, I'm finding that calling the .Initialize method is causing the following error:

java.io.FileNotFoundException: AssetsDir/pet2.png (No such file or directory)
It doesn't happen on previous versions of Android & it doesn't happen if I just initialize & display a bitmap without trying to use your library. Looking at the Android Developer documentation for ExifInterface, I notice there have been some changes for Android N so I'm wondering if maybe they have changed something in the constructor you use in the library?

UPDATE: I don't think it's an issue with the constructor because if I copy the file to Files.DirInternal, then call the exif functions it works fine. It seems to be something that the library (or the API) doesn't like about the Files.DirAssets directory all of a sudden.

Thanks - Colin.
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Sorry open this old topic... but... I search in all page and not found the library file download link...

I need use the ExifData in my app but I cant´t find the jpegutils library...