B4J Question JRDC2-how to start the server on a hosted website

Cliff McKibbin

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I am slowly wading my way toward setting up a remote database.

The primary reference for JDRC2:

shows the development of the 'middle ware' server to handle DB requests.
I have built that and created the .jar file with my 'config.properties' file as appropriate. I do have one question below.

I do not have 'mysql' on my pc and instead of trying to figure it out, I thought to set up my config.properties to access the DB on 1&1 Ionos. After that failed I found a comment on Ionos-help that said that their databases can only be accessed from their website, which is Erel's point about not accessing remote databases with sql commands.

I asked ionos-phone-help how to start this server and they didn't have a clue. They did confirm that java is available on their/my website.

I found a reference here that explains how to start the server:

It includes the instruction: nohup path_to_java/bin/java -jar somejar.jar > nohup.out &

but I need some help with:

1. Where do I run it from? My Pc in DOS mode?

2. Can someone translate it into my data:
a. the jar is in 'https://ratemyshows.net/FS'
b. Would it be 'nohup https://ratemyshows.net/FS -jar jrdc.jar > nohup.out &

3. The question about the config.properties
a. Ionos says my database is on port 3306, is this the port I should use in both the b4j rdc2 config as well as the b4a program in the lines:
Config: ServerPort=3306
B4A Private const rdcLink As String = "https://ratemyshows.net/FS:3306/rdc"
b. or should I leave it at 'ServerPort=17178' as shown in the JRDC2 forum entry.

Thanks, Cliff McKibbin


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You can not run jrdc2 on a hosted website.
You need a VPS or a server.
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Cliff McKibbin

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Don, Thanks for that update. It explains my difficulties.
Does the B4X community have a solution to setting up a middleware on a hosted site.
It appears that 1&1 Ionos has a lot of hints about doing it using PHP, but that would be a huge learning curve for me.
I noticed in Erel's announcement of JDRC2 that he mentioned it was better than the older PHP solution, but I couldn't find that older solution.
Thanks, Cliff McKibbin
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Ionos offers a small VPS S configuration for 2€/month (1 vCore CPU- 512 MB RAM- 10 GB SSD). This is probably enough for your needs, and less tiring than going into a PHP development
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