B4J Question Jserver Background worker lost if task is put to sleep


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Hello all,

I am coding my first jserver, where i have a background worker pooling data every 20 minutes.
It is running on a Linux Synology server.
This morning i noticed it stopped pooling the data and went to check the nohup.out log and noticed it stopped at midnight.
From the log attached i deduce the linux server put the jServer task to sleep and woke it up when i requested a page this morning, but the background worker is not running anymore.

My two questions are:
a) Is there a way to detect the server waking the task and rerun the background worker?
b) If not, can i force the server task never to go to sleep?

[2021-04-29 23:34:22] background sync: started
[2021-04-29 23:34:22] background sync: authorizing
[2021-04-29 23:34:23] background sync: processing...
[2021-04-29 23:34:24] background sync: events processing...
[2021-04-29 23:34:24] background sync: events done
[2021-04-29 23:34:24] background sync: done in 1,792ms
[2021-04-29 23:54:22] background sync: started
[2021-04-29 23:54:22] background sync: authorizing
[2021-04-29 23:54:23] background sync: processing...
[2021-04-29 23:54:24] background sync: events processing...
[2021-04-29 23:54:24] background sync: events done
[2021-04-30 07:33:43] getfacilites: done in 993ms
[2021-04-30 07:43:43] getfacilites: done in 102ms
[2021-04-30 07:53:43] getfacilites: done in 103ms
[2021-04-30 08:03:43] getfacilites: done in 108ms


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** EDIT **
I just noticed the background sync task did not report the done state after 23:54:24, i will further investigate this, has it could be a coding error.
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