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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by pierrem, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. pierrem

    pierrem Member Licensed User


    While processing json string ...

    {'id':'4','name':'my beautifull launderette','business_type':'1','param':{'phone':'+332222222','fax':'x'}}
    is parsed perfectly ...

    but if field 'fax' is empty, like :
    {'id':'4','name':'my beautifull launderette','business_type':'1','param':{'phone':'+332222222','fax':''}}
    then I got an error

    How to workaround ?

    (full code in the zip file)

    Thanks in advance

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  2. eurojam

    eurojam Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I think there was an error in your json parser routine. I always use the B4J Json tree example to parse my json strings correctly ( Parsing your string with this it works with an empty fax:
    Dim s As String ="{'id':'4','name':'my beautifull launderette','business_type':'1','param':{'phone':'+332222222','fax':''}}"
    Dim parser As JSONParser
    Dim root As Map = parser.NextObject
    Dim id As String = root.Get("id")
    Dim param As Map = root.Get("param")
    Dim phone As String = param.Get("phone")
    Dim fax As String = param.Get("fax")
    Dim name As String = root.Get("name")
    Dim business_type As String = root.Get("business_type")
    Log("Fax: " & fax)
  3. pierrem

    pierrem Member Licensed User

    only one word : thks !
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