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CustomGallery is a very small library (BitmapPlus) and a class (ClsCustomGallery) for B4A v2.0.
Its goal is to display thumbnails in a row, column or grid. It's highly customizable as you can see in the screenshots.

It needs two other libraries: ScrollView2D and Reflection

Tutorial: How they do #2

img1.jpg img2.jpg img3.jpg img4.jpg img5.jpg
List of functions:
Initialize(Parent As Object, Left As Int, Top As Int, Width As Int, Height As Int, GalleryStyle As Int, Callback As Object, subTouch As String, subClick As String, subLongClick As String, subScroll As String)
(bmpToCrop As Bitmap, Color As Int) As Bitmap
NumberOfThumbnails As Int
ProcessBitmap(SrcBmp As Bitmap) As Bitmap
AddThumbnail(SrcBmp As Bitmap, Tag As Object)
AddFolder(Dir As String, MaxNbFiles As Int)
InsertThumbnailAt(SrcBmp As Bitmap, Position As Int, Tag As Object)
InsertOnTop(SrcBmp As Bitmap, Position As Int, Tag As Object)
InsertFileAt(Dir As String, FileName As String, InsertPosition As Int, Tag As Object)
MoveThumbnail(FromPos As Int, ToPos As Int)
RemoveThumbnailAt(Position As Int)
RemoveThumbnailWithTag(Tag As Object)
GetThumbnailAt(Position As Int) As Panel
GetThumbnailWithTag(Tag As Object) As Panel
JumpTo(Position As Int)
SetLabelInGrid(Thumbnail As Panel, LabelText As String, LabelColor As Int, LabelSize As Int)
LoadDrawable(Name As String) As Object
AddDrawableTo(Thumbnail As Panel, Drawable As Object)

List of options:
BorderColor As Int
BorderSize As Int
ForceColorReduction As Boolean: if true, reduces the bitmap colors and removes the alpha channel to save memory
MinTiltAngle As Int
MaxTiltAngle As Int
AlternateAngle As Boolean: if true, tilt angles are alternately < 0 and > 0
HorizontalOffset As Int: shifts the thumbnails to the right (+) or to the left (-)
VerticalOffset As Int: shifts the thumbnails to the bottom (+) or to the top (-)
PressedDrawable As Object: drawable displayed when a thumbnail is clicked
RescaleOnlyIfBigger As Boolean: if true, the rescaling function is called only if the source image is bigger than the thumbnail
LabelHeightInGrid As Int: height of labels below thumbnails
SizeInGrid As Int: size of thumbnails inside a grid
SizeInPile As Int: size of thumbnails with the pile style
SpaceBetweenThumbnails As Int
StillVisible As Int: if there's an offset, defines the minimum visible size of thumbnails

v1.1: see details here
v1.11: Fixed three minor bugs
v1.2: see details here
v1.3: Fixed a bug and added the ForceColorReduction option
v1.31: Compatible with obfuscation and JellyBean
v1.32: No more warnings with B4A v2.7.
v1.321: Minor change. I added two entries to the Manifest of examples to enable the hardware acceleration and a large heap.

If you want to download the library and the class, you need only the file CustomGallery#1.zip. If you want to run the full demo, download the five files. After unzipping, you should have nineteen images (18 jpg + 1 png) in the Files folder of the demo.

Another demo (with the MediaBrowser library) is available here.



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Hey Informatix,

With this library I can get all albums and photos like the default android chooser? I mean, without choose any specific directory, just default gallery?
To show only the images of a specific folder, filter the collected path strings (if ThisPath.StartsWith...).
You can also access directly the folder contents (in one of my explorer demo for ULV, I show only the images of the current folder).


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How to be with OutOfMemory error, if gallery is bigger and bigger... ?