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First of all, I thank Erel and all others here in the forum. I am happy that I found this site and can use all the great products.

I have a note:

If I have understood correctly, the librarys for B4I must be created on the MAC with xcode. Is it possible to get a small demo Library xcode-project?

I want to create libraries, because I miss some features.

I realize we have only the version 1.0 and it will come a lot. Also, I know from the past that Erel is one of the fastest developer, I know. But, I also know that you Erel can not do magic.
Therefore, my request: A small demo project for xCode with one or two examples for the creation of a library.

I am not an expert on xCode. But if it helps, I'll be there!
If that's not possible, there is a rough planning from when?

Thank you for an answer.