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I am using the Licensing library in my app. -

The app has been on Google play for about 1 and 1/2 years without a issue.
I have even done many updates to the app between now and then.

Recently I have had a number of people (so far about 4-5 people) report that it's coming up saying that they don't hold a license to my app.

In my app I have made it display a message on the screen so I know what error it's coming up with and it seems to be triggering my DontAllow sub.

I have been using the license library 1.10.
I now noticed that Erel has done a update to the license library to support Android 5 devices.

Was this because of the issue I am facing where it's running the DontAllow sub?
The users who have the issue seem to be running new devices like the Samsung S6 etc. and it seems to be running newer Android OS such as Lollipop.

If I was to update the library to the new version (1.20) is this going to fix my issue as per the above or is this a different issue that I have ?