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I recommend you to use xCustomListView instead of ListView.

@Erel has very limited time to completely respond to your distinct question ( - yet asked many times in the past).
However, to support HIS expert effort, we committed community members expand on this when we can ... (when it makes sense...)

When using xCLV, you can do anything you want.
Listview is just a primitive (in my simple mind). xCLV is a listview - morphed into a scroll view - BUT so much more!
Expand your mind and the use of these 'wonderful things' - (xCLV). Learn it - love it...

OK, after seeing so many of these simple beginner posts on this matter, I shall (promise to) create the 'Creatings Apps With xCLV' For Dummies' tutorial. (coming soon)

It (xCLV) deserves a simple guide to explain to newcomers on how to create a simple/powerful app using the class.

This will require an understanding on how to effectively use the Designer (of course).
Without this knowledge, you will NEVER be able to support views on various sized devices (our bain). without needless, fruitless alternating code.
This shall be a major part of this - as I have learned over the evolving years of B4X.

The above is MY challenge to explain this effectively / clearly - from a Dummy point of view...
It is the least I can do to support us, in this valuable space.


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