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  1. Pedro Caldeira

    Pedro Caldeira Active Member Licensed User

    When trying to get the value of a listview selectedindex i always get a null value.
    if i include the selecteditem, i get both values. and with just selectedItem work well.

    Sub listRooms_SelectedIndexChanged(Index As Int)

    Dim xVarInx as string
    Dim iVarInx as string
          GetRooms (iVarInx)  
          GetFullRooms (iVarInx, xVarInx)

    End Sub

    Sub GetRooms ( RoomNumber as string)
    msgbox.show (RoomNumber,""' Get nothing. Why ???

    End Sub

    Sub GetFullRooms ( RoomNumber as string, RoomName as string )
    msgbox.show (RoomNumber,RoomName) ' Get Number and Name.

    End Sub
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Can you upload a small example that demonstrates this issue?
  3. sonicmayne

    sonicmayne Member Licensed User

    I believe it's an issue with the jMsgboxes library. I've seen it here, it happens if text is too small (and sometimes just a number). I solved it by appending a space to the end of the displayed text.

    For example:
    Sub GetRooms ( RoomNumber as string)
    msgbox.show (RoomNumber & " ","")

    End Sub
    Hope this helps
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  4. Pedro Caldeira

    Pedro Caldeira Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks sonicmayne.
    Going to try it
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  5. Pedro Caldeira

    Pedro Caldeira Active Member Licensed User

    Hello all.
    It works.
    Indeed must be that small text issue. Just a minor glitch, easily solvable with that solution.
    Thank you all.
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