iOS Question LoadBitmap works in b4a not in b4i

John Woodsmall

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I need to set the background from an image of the main page(activity)


But this is not in b4i?
How do I set the background of the main page to an image file?

John Woodsmall

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ok I did the imageview (it covers the whole page...)
what I have now is:

.RootPanel.Color = Colors.Magenta



how do I get the imageview to be the backgound? like in the b4a?

sorry if this is a stupid question...but I am forced to get this right.
it is wonderful that I have come this far with your stuff, so thanks!
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Where did you add the ImageView ?
What do you have in the "AstroMatch" layout ?
Put the ImageView onto the layout, add the image file to the ImageView and set it to back.
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John Woodsmall

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ok...I did that, but the image fills the screen, I need it as the background to the main page.
Can this be done?
the question is, can an image be a background? if so how?
this was so easy in b4a.
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It is not possible to share those links. They expire after 10 minutes.

Check the anchors. It should look like:
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John Woodsmall

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What I found out was that I had a color for the main page.
I switched it to transparent and NOW the back image shows thru out the app.
it is still alittle short of the top.
how do I upload the layout file?
my project is called "AstroMatch" so what is the layout file name?
(I tried several of the possible names...but I got not allowed in the "Upload File" button to the right on this page.)

where is it?


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