Android Code Snippet Localize B4XFloatTextField Hint text

I need to localize B4XFloatTextField Hint text so I added the below in Localizator.bas

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#if B4A
Public Sub LocalizeLayout(PanelOrActivity As Panel)
    For Each v As View In PanelOrActivity.GetAllViewsRecursive
        If v Is Label Then 'this will catch all of Label subclasses which includes EditText, Button and others
            Dim lbl As Label = v
            Log("< "&lbl.Text)
            lbl.Text = Localize(lbl.Text)
            Log("> "&lbl.Text)
        End If
        If v Is EditText Then
            Dim et As EditText = v
            Log("< "&et.Hint)
            et.Hint = Localize(et.Hint)
            Log("> "&et.Hint)
        End If
        If v.Tag Is B4XFloatTextField Then
            Dim ft As B4XFloatTextField = v.Tag
            Log("< "&ft.HintText)
            ft.HintText = Localize(ft.HintText)
            Log("> "&ft.HintText)
        End If
End Sub
#else if B4I

Hope it helps members.