Android Question What's the correct way to resize a B4XFloatTextField


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I have to change the height of a B4XFloatTextField following an IME_HeightChanged event
This code works, but the "X" and "checkmark" labels do not move and remain at the original location
    Dim difference As Int = OldHeight - NewHeight

    B4X_Message.TextField.Height = B4X_Message.TextField.Height - difference


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In the next version of XUI Views, Base_Resize will be a public method.

For now you can use this:
CallSub3(B4XFloatTextField1, "Base_Resize", B4XFloatTextField1.mBase.Width, B4XFloatTextField1.mBase.Height)

Change the width and height of B4XFloatTextField.mBase. It will resize the other elements.
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