Android Question Log Shortcut override?

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I love the feature of being able to click the arrow from the log output and takes me directly to the line of code printing to the log. But I think it can be improved on. Is it possible to override the default functionality of going to the line of the Log() call? Let me explain my scenario which I think some developers may be in the same boat.

I have a doLog(str As String) routine that I use in place of the default Log() call, within this routine I have a boolean value that turns on/off logging output and does some filtering of the logs based on the selected Build Configuration.

So what I'm asking is if there is a way to tell the IDE that it should override functionality of the shortcut system and point me to the call of my doLog() instead of the Log() line?

I have a few other subroutines that I would make use of this aswell. Another example of this is I have one main routine that I make all my database query calls and I output to the log the query string. Instead of taking me to where my subroutine was called, it takes me to the Log() line. Would be nice to tell the IDE to ignore specified routines and shortcut to a routine further up the call stack.

In VB.NET they use tags before the class declaration ("<TagType(Property1.value)> Public Class MyClass"), maybe a similar syntax can be used in the case of a Sub?