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Hi, I have this problem...

When I build a B4i Bridge Application, I have installed the certificated, all... but When I click the button on my iPhone.. Show this message can't connect to: "" (what is this ip?), the ip on the mac server is

Why this app is trying to connect to ? how can i change this IP?, when I start the server in the mac.. this say:

Creating key for:
Build server is ready
Build server version: 2.8

Is a problem of my key? how can I solve that?, The Emulator work's good, the server is compiling.. but I don't know why is saying this IP. I tryied everything..

Maybe is a problem from my installation 6 months ago, maybe my ip was changed, I don't know.

Can you help me??

B4i version: 2.80 BETA #1
Parsing code. (0.00s)
Compiling code. (0.01s)
Building designer app. (0.01s)
Building Xcode project (0.06s)
Sending data to remote compiler. (6.31s)
Open mobile Safari and navigate to:
Then click on the Install button.
1. Make sure that B4I certificate is installed (
2. Make sure that the provisioning file includes the target device UDID.
3. Check the link for typos.
Completed successfully.


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This problem on the test page:

B4i Build Server

Build server is running.
Version: 2.8
Server time: 13:27:21
Mac SSL Key
Invalid key!!!
SSL port: 51042
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