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i run macserver on mac but that ip is not true !

Build server is ready

but my ip is

why it get wrong ip address ?

i am weaking this old thread only to share my experience from today. i just wanted to reinstal b4i bridge and i couldnot do it. so i deleted the key directory on my mac and tried to run the b4i server again and i noticed that the ip changed. it was always and now sudenly it was 169.240.60.xx so some strange ip. so i searched in the forum and this is the only thread i found about that issue. i followed erels instruction but no luck. after some research i found out that the reason for the strange ip was plugging my iphone 5s to the mac mini. it seems like if the phone is plugged the b4i server takes the ip of the phone. so what i did is unplug the phone and everythings works again fine.

i must mention that i also tried to set the ip manualy on the key.txt file with: manual: but i only received an error while trying to run the server so the only way to fix it was unplugging the phone.

(i hope it will help others with the same issue :) )
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