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This is my first public (beta stage) application that can connect to one of our own designed hardware devices, which can connect on MDB communication bus of any modern vending machine, to analyze data transferred between the machine and the cash/cashless payment systems (bill validators, coin acceptors/changers and cashless devices).
Being a niche domain, it will probably not achieve a very high download rate, but it will add value for my hardware devices so, with this, I wanna thank all of you, both for this great B4A product and for the wonderful community, that helped me few times to quickly find solutions for some minor issues.

The application is available here:
and a small offline working mode (usage without the device) video is available here:
The application comes with 5 demo files, containing data collected from a real life vending machine, communicating with it's cash/cashless peripherals so, if you have the curiosity, just click on "Skip scan >>" button on the first screen (barcode scan screen). For the moment, even if you don't have a device, you need to enable Bluetooth before starting the application (there are some reasons I choose that, some of them related to the very strict timing on MDB bus, which needs the Bluetooth connection to be prepared to avoid missing some messages). I can probably optimize this :)
I am already planning further updates, with extra-functions and optimizations (for example, right now, you can only e-mail analysis results or the binary and hex-text files, I will add other formats/targets, such as WhatsApp,etc.)
So, once again, thank you very much, especially Erel, for a great, easy to use and, of course, fairly priced product.


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