Android Question Merge 2 projects, HTML Server & CCTV Server

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Merge 2 projects, HTML Server & CCTV Server

Project 1 has Server serving 4 Text based web pages,
The data on the web pages are collected by the "Text" from the serial port and shown in different formats.
It uses Server As HttpServer,
based on an open source project named Jetty.
This runs fine using the phone as a Hotspot

Project 2
Based on Erels MJPEG CCTV server
It uses Server As ServerSocket
This uses the Android Camera as a CCTV server and I have added to this Super Impose "Text" onto the visual image
This also runs fine using the phone as a Hotspot
I wish to run the HTML pages and the Camera with superimposed Text off the same server.

My issue is, I cant see how to stream the CCTV frames using Server As HttpServer
Serve HTML pages using Server As ServerSocket.

DSDominno mentions "I have build a service TCP server application (ServerSocket and AsyncStreams) that run...."
"In HTTP mode It can decode all the Methods (GET,POST, HEAD, PUT, DELETE)"

But I can not see any snippets of HTML Server working with ServerSocket