B4J Question Message Boxes 101


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I a VB6 guy trying to get Message Boxes to work. I am getting the message: Unknown type: msgboxes

I have:
  1. Downloaded jfxtras-labs-2.2-r5.jar
  2. Placed it in my "Additional Libraries" folder.
  3. Enabled [x] jFX in the Libs tab.
  4. In the Project Attributes I added an entry for jfxtras-labs-2.2-r5.jar
Still no success. In scouring the Forums mention is made of a jfxtras-labs-2.2-r5.xml file. I have no idea where this is or if this is needed.

1. What can you recommend to get Message Boxes working?

2. What is the BEST tutorial for a VB6 guy to get up-to-speed in basic GUI application creation with B4J (so I dont keep asking these type remedial questions!)?