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The following message arrived from Google today
Your projects may have users with devices that run iOS 12. To keep your app working for them, specify version numbers in your dependencies.

Hello Google Maps Platform Customer,

Our records show that some of your applications have users with devices that run iOS 12. For this reason, we want to let you know that, during the second quarter of 2022, iOS 12 will not be supported in the upcoming SDK versions:

  • Maps and Places SDKs for iOS v7.0 or higher.

The SDK versions listed above will only support devices running iOS 13 or higher.

Earlier SDK versions will continue to support iOS 12. This means that app versions built with Maps and Places SDKs for iOS v6.x or lower will continue to work on devices running iOS 12. However, please note that if your dependencies in CocoaPods or Carthage do not specify a version number, Xcode will load the newest version and new builds of your app will stop supporting iOS 12.

What do I need to do?​

You need to consider whether you want to keep supporting iOS 12 for future app releases, or if you want to upgrade them to the newest Google Maps Platform SDKs for iOS.

Continue supporting iOS 12 in your new app releases​

To prevent Xcode from loading the newest SDK version, specify version 6.x or lower for Maps and Places SDKs (when available) in your Podfile or Cartfile. We will release the new versions later this year.

Upgrade to the newest SDKs and drop support of iOS 12​

Follow the next steps to upgrade to the Google Maps Platform SDKs scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2022. Note that by making this upgrade, you will lose iOS 12 support.

  1. Run pod outdated or carthage outdated regularly to check for new versions of your CocoaPods or Carthage dependencies.
  2. Once available, set Version 7.x or lower in your Podfile or Cartfile for Maps and Places SDKs for iOS.
  3. Change the build flags (iOS deployment target) to support iOS 13 and newer.
  4. Consider notifying your iOS 12 users that they need to upgrade their iOS version in order to benefit from your newest app releases..

For examples on how to manage CocoaPods and Carthage dependencies, see Versioning-Installation for Maps SDK for iOS, and Versioning-Installation for Places SDK for iOS. Also, review our app maintenance best practices.

The projects listed in the table below are used on devices running iOS 12. Please adjust your SDK dependencies as described above in your next release to ensure continued support for them.

Project name (project number)Package nameImpacted API

If you require additional information, read our blog posts for general information on SDK dependencies in Google Maps Platform.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Google Maps Platform Support with any questions. You will need your project ID or application name, the product name and SDK version.

Thank you for choosing Google Maps Platform.

How will I be able to specify which iOS SDK should be used for compilation?


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