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Hello everyone, they removed my app from Play Store recently. Then I try to show this dialog at the start of my app so that the user knows what is asked in the next dialog.

And then I resubmit it. But...I got this email.

Issue with your app​
We’ve reviewed your app for compliance with all Location Permissions policy requirements (including use case eligibility), and found the following issues with your app:
Version(s)Eligibility Issue
APK:71Missing information in prominent disclosure
Your prominent disclosure must appear before your app’s location runtime permission, and should tell the user which feature(s) will use location in the background. Based on our review, your app’s prominent disclosure did not meet this criteria.

Please modify your prominent disclosure to include this information. The language in the disclosure MUST include the following elements:
  • The term “location”
  • Indication that the nature of usage is in the background by using one of the following phrases “background” / “when the app is closed” / “always in use” / “when the app is not in use”
  • A list of all the features that use location in the background
  • If you extend permitted usage to ads, you must include the following: “used to provide ads/support advertising/support ads.” (Choose the most accurate phrasing).

My App is a “Health APP” ,It need to connect ble devices ,such as Blood pressure monitor , Smart watches. My app just use the location permission to scan the ble devices. All we know that it need turn on the "LOCATION" permission after Android 6.0. But I do not use the location, obtain nothing location data. No " ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION " permission. My App just show the map with some marker about the specific coordinates data from "API". It do not need GPS. Why did Google tell me it was using "background location"? Thanks.


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Location is needed when "scanning" for wifi ap's or Bluetooth devices. This is because those devices can be used to "locate" you even if your GPS is off.

For example, Wifi access points (AP) are typically located in a fixed physical location. Whenever your phone "sees" a wifi access point, google cloud servers record that AP's MAC address along with the current GPS coordinates on your phone (if you have GPS on). Then whenever anyone else's phone "sees" that AP, then google will know their physical location even if their GPS is turned off.

Similarly, there are devices called "Bluetooth Beacons" which are typically located inside physical locations (like shopping malls) that help create an "indoor" gps system so certain apps can use these beacons to find out where you are indoors. These beacons also have a MAC address and a physical location. So again, by just "seeing" one of these beacons, google can determine your physical location even with the GPS off.

That is why "location" permission is needed just to "scan" for wifi or Bluetooth devices, because the MAC address of those devices can be used to track your location.

So, I need more info on your app:

1) Please post the permissions you have in your manifest
2) Please post the code in the sub where you ask the user for location permission
3) Is the "scanning code" (the code that you use to scan for Bluetooth devices), is this code inside a service or is it in an activity?

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Also, please provide more details on this "map" feature:

"My App just show the map with some marker about the specific coordinates data from "API".

Also, what API are you calling?
And is the code that calls this API in a service module?
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