Android Question mjpeg decoder

It works well b4j but in b4a android very bad and refresh rate very slow
What can be done to be as fast as b4j ?
Are you running it in release mode? It should be quite fast.
Yes, it is in release mode and it is very slow ...

erel I really want help I tried so hard I got tired I tried every way

To transfer 60 images per second, I want to transfer the Windows image with c # to b4a
I tried udp, tcp and mjpeg but each failed

The only thing that works properly is the mjpeg display in webview, which is great, but I need the images to be displayed in a panel, not the web view.

I tried to do it with bitmap webview and it slows down a lot
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Suppose we now stream a live video with a VLC lib c# or app vlc player, how can it be shown on b4a from udp or tcp or any protocol

Note that this is not a pre-made file and it is the screen frames, ie it is completely live
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