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MobileTravel v.1.0

Applications written primarily for people traveling by various means of transport (bus, train, etc.).
It allows simultaneous tracking of the remaining time of departure, eg. bus (with a timetable located on the right and left of the screen).
In addition, using location services appears our current GPS location.

The program was tested on your Samsung Galaxy S3.
These are the current achievements:

- The new timetable: The ability to edit new timetable.
- Gallery: An overview of graphics files.
- An opportunity to review / edit waypoints (in cooperation with maps OsmAnd).
- Share location: The ability to send SMS / Mobile Emergency.
- Display the item GEO: GPS position can be displayed on maps application OsmAnd.
- Photo of GPS position: The ability to shoot with GPS.
- Distance to destination: The ability to calculate the distance to the target in KM.
- Recording MP3.

This app was developed using:
- B4A by @Erel
- CheckList v2.22, ClsExplorer v2.1 by @Informatix


Mobile Travel 1.0 freeware
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