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I've always loved to programming… ever since I was a kid… I felt like I was creating…

I made it a profession, I started teaching programming to young and old as a trainer, I worked in several companies and in the last 2 decades I created my own company I always aim for success. I touched her too many times with successful products…

Bespoke Software/Programs have always been my forte, the purpose has been to empower clients who need something more than market programs. But in the last years I feel more confident, more powerful... because I have an ally in all challenges... "the" B4X, it's not just a programming language, it's not just a product... it's an "idea"... Yes, you read right… an “idea” - a way of life, of “being” for a developer.

Every day around the world there are new discoveries, ideas that exceed the limits of imagination. "B4X" is the point where the idea from a simple thought is implemented into a program, a product, a service...

The B4X community is open to everyone, everyone can ask, learn, share and why not express themselves in their own way.

I may not have become a millionaire yet, due to circumstances, due to crisis, due to luck, but I definitely feel that with B4X I can achieve even more.

By creating my latest mSupport Remote Administration "tool" (RAviaMQTT) to provide assistance I felt that I can contribute even more to this community. By sharing source code, exchanging ideas around common interests, I believe we can make this world a better place.

mSupport (Stand alone Package) will be free for all - using it - for as long as they exist free MQTT Servers-Brokers.

I don't consider myself the “number one” Developer and of course I am not. But I think that all of us together can provide tools - solutions that can change a lot our world and of course by exchanging opinions on the forum even for simple things they can speed up processes that take months.​

Yes, we need resources… but we also need inspiration, support, ideas…

Thank you community of B4X, thank you Erel for the idea you had and for what you gave us! 💕

Georgios K.
Magma Co.

ps: For those who want to have our free Remote Administration "tool"... click here to download it...
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