Android Question Multi vocal synthesis Engine


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Most of TTS Languages are availiable with Google Engine, but without Hébrew and Arabic vocal data

For using thooses TTS , i have to use another Engine like 'Vocalizer Voice' (for example or others that are not free).

But with 2 Engines, is it possible to set the favorite engine before Initialize a TTS spéficaly for an Engine that contain the TTS language to use, like :

If TTS1.IsInitialized = False Then
End If
then i could endly pass to Hébrew or Arabic as needed ?

Or another way to add that 2 Languages ?



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Erel, I dont understand your question

I have to have 2 TTS Engines :

- Standard Google (free) with : English, French, Italian, Japan , Russian, etc even Chineese and Hindian ...
but Unfortunately no Hebrew and Arabic included on it

- So i have added a Engine with : Hébrew and Arabic (dowloaded from a paid app : Vocalizer Voice )

But How to Set (by code) the 'Prefered Engine' and be able use one or the other, depending of the TTS language to use ?


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setEngineByPackageName is said : Deprecated in API level 15
so, I thought there was a new way of doing it