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I wrote this all several years ago. I wanted a better (more fluid) version of the OpenStreetMap Library (which I published on the forum back in 2018). I also needed a set of GEO drawing tools (similar to the ones available for Google Maps) that would work with my OSM library . Create/Draw/edit/colour/overlay polygons/lines and manage regions, collisions, distance measuring etc all necessary for creating an Asset Tracking solution.

So I created these two libraries (zips attached below).

I am not generating a special example program as that would only waist even more of my time.
Instead, I have provided a link below of my B4J Asset Tracking Console software which can be downloaded and installed. It demonstrates all the features of these OSM libraries. When the software is installed it will set a HOME location to my home town, Perth Australia, which will then auto select my (still runing) map server for Australia and New Zealand only. I have written an Android (Client) app and IOS (Client) app, although they are no longer published, together with the extra services running on my own Liux based OSM Map Server (a SkyBridge Client-to-client management, watchdog etc) and my "overseeing" Web API tieing it all together. Anyway, I'm not pushing this tracking system as that all came to an end commercially for me back in Covid times. I just think the OSM libraries are too good to let die.

This is a link to the remains of my old website (TakeThis) at WIX which has more information and screen captures from my GrassTree tracking solution.

Download an installable copy of the Windows version of my GrassTree Tracking Console to evaluate my OSM libraries.

Anyway, if anyone is truely serious about using these B4j libraries you can contact me using the private conversation system (on this forum) and I will try to give you direction in the implementation of the libraries into your own software solution.

"Some things just shouldn't die"


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