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Semen Matusovskiy

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Hi, guys --

My app should show "promo" notifications, based on user's current location. Mainly when app is not running (or killed).

In Android we used ordinary pushes. The webserver sends service push to mobile app. An app defines a location and asks a webserver about promo text. If there are no suggestions, an app shows nothing.

Need an advice, how to realize something similar in IOS.
I am able to receive a notification in Notification Service Extension, when app is not running
But I need to turn on a GPS and to receive an answer from webserver during 30 seconds. A big risk to loose.

Probably, it's necessary to use an alternative approach. Maybe, not pushes. Any ideas ?

Semen Matusovskiy

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As I understand, "Geofence" works in foreground / background only and uses GPS in background
Meanwhile in my case
1) I can't use GPS in background (this is a customer's requirement, he is a paranoid and thinks that others are also paranoid)
2) "promo" notifications make sense, when user did not use an app for a long time only (background or terminated state).
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