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An app of mine allows the user to "toggle" certain features on and off. I currently provide this on/off ability via command buttons at the bottom of the screen as shown below:

When a feature is displaying in White it is enabled (as shown above the "+T" feature is enabled). And if the user tapped on the "Multiple" button, then both it and the +T would be white to indicate both features are enabled.

But this UI looks kind of dated.

So, I wanted to give it some more visual appeal.

I tried doing searches for "bottom menu" "bottom toggle" but the only items I can see are bottom menu bars that only allow one item to have the focus/selection - it doesn't allow for multiple menu selections to be "selected" at once.

I'm sure there is a view in this forum that will serve as a multi-toggle selection bar at the bottom that looks slick, but I just can't seem to find any at least using the keywords I was using in the search.

NOTE: I also plan to add a bunch of new features (selections) to this bottom bar, so any view that could also slide up and display more toggle items would be a plus.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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