[.Net] File.ReadAllText - UTF8Encoding


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It should be in the chit chat forum as it is not a B4A question (should we accept PHP, C, Assembler and other languages in the B4A forum?)
You could search on Google: "site:basic4ppc.com PHP Questions". ;)

You're right but, as you can see, posting in b4a questions I have received no responses and in Chit Chat it would be read much less.
The name, "Chit Chat", suggests "forum of things not related to programming".

Additionally, this problem also exists reading a file using other languages (b4a, b4j and b4i).

However, it does not matter, since the only answers were these yours.


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The answer to your question is that it depends. You should use the same encoding as the encoding that was used when the file was saved.
I suppose that if a Russian citizen save a text file using NotePad this file will be encoded in a different way from that of the Italian and the encoding depends on the settings on your PC.
Should I try to detect what is the file encoding?

UTF8 supports all characters.
This seems sufficient but, if so, other types of coding should not be necessary.

Thanks for the reply, Erel.

Maybe I will wait for the user complaints :D.

Or I will make some attempt in the Chinese Forum :D

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There is no simple way to detect the encoding. The same binary data can be decoded correctly in many encodings.
So, it is an hard question.

I would like to ask how this is done with html:

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but I do not.

1) because it may be different;
2) because you ask me to open a new thread :D:D:D