Bug? NoSuchMethodError: AnchorPaneWrapper.LoadLayout in 3.50

Discussion in 'B4J Bugs & Wishlist' started by jmon, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. jmon

    jmon Well-Known Member Licensed User


    I get an error in 3.50, and I can't launch my app and work anymore because of it! :
    This error is quite difficult to debug, since it doesn't point me exactly to where the error is and my project contains 100s of subs. What I know is that it says that the second error is from my jCustomWindow library, but when I run this library apart from my project it works properly.

    I guess it is caused by the new / modified loadLayout feature in 3.50.

    I use LoadLayout a lot in my app. My only guess is that it could be caused by subs like this:
    Private Sub CreatePage(TabParent As TabPane, Index As Int)
    Page.Text = ""
    Dim ap As AnchorPane
    Page.Content = ap
    End Sub
    This error didn't happen in previous versions... Where can I download the previous version? :(

    Thank you for your help
  2. jmon

    jmon Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Alright I fixed it. For some reason I had to recompile my jCustomWindow library, that I was using as an external library in another project.
  3. jmon

    jmon Well-Known Member Licensed User

    The error was caused by this line when it was called as an external library:

    The code for this line is
    Private Sub Class_Globals
    Private apWindowContent As AnchorPane
    End Sub

    'Returns the rootPane of the custom content area. You can load your layout there.
    Public Sub getRootPane As AnchorPane
    Return apWindowContent
    End Sub
    so I just recompiled and it worked.
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