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Disclaimer: I'm a proud user of B4A since 2012 and B4i user around a year. So I'm not trying to create any controversy here.

I recently found Flutter and decided to give that a try. It took one or two days to have clear conceptions. I have converted a few apps developed in B4X within a day. Flutter gave me a real cross-platform feel. Same codebase, Same UI, Same IDE, just select the target while deploying.

UI is the most interesting part, everything is a widget, no need to have any complex coding, in a Container, I may have row or column, in the row/column, I can place widgets as I wish. Almost everything is Asynchronous, NetworkImage() can download the image and place that in the appropriate target without having any complex coding.

So far, I used Push Notification, Firebase Auth, SQLite, Complex Listview in an extremely easy way, Maps, QR scanner, Shared Preferences etc in my apps.

Let me give an example, you want to show an App Drawer, you've to just write

drawer: new Drawer(

child: new Column(
    children: <Widget>[
      new Text("\n\n\n\Drawer Is Here => 1"),
      new Text("Drawer Is Here => 2"),
      new Icon(Icons.facebook),


Hot reload & hot restart is very impressive features. B4X also have a similar feature.
Also, I can use my main machine, iMac to use Flutter. There is no OS limitation for IDE. You can use Visual Studio Code or Android Studio in Linux, Mac or Windows.

However, Flutter is a very young but powerful competitor. It's managed by Google and has a ton of free plugins. You can give that a try.
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I did not know it was already available, I'll try it.
But learning a new language does not excite me. On the other hand it is natural that over time a developer must learn new notions and new languages to keep abreast of new frontiers

It's nice to have a unique idea for iOS and Android. Several times i (and others) expressed the wish to create a new ide (in addition to B4A and b4i) multiplatform b4x.
But AnyWhere Software does not believe in developing in this direction.

While respecting the opinion of others I continue to consider it useful and I think that AnyWhere (considering the latest progress, like the library b4x) is mature enough to develop something like this
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