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Hi all,
I've not done much programming during the past year, but now I'm trying to get back into it and thought I'd start with a clone, as I enjoy playing the game but often get frustrated with its lagging. I wondered if I could do better? (Highly unlikely! ☺)
I've also seen that Erel has released much better game support. So I decided, why not have a play.
It was then that I discovered just how complex game creation really is! Even the samples seemed to be having things happen on screen without any understanding as to why. At first I thought everything was triggered in the Game Step event, but with some trial and error I soon realised that there are motors, gravity and interaction with the various bodies which is being handled by the physics engine Box2D.
I've struggled with the sparse literate and applying it to my needs. But just today I've found this website....
I think things are actually starting to become a little clearer.
Thought I'd share for others who may be struggling to make sense of it all like me.

And if you know of any other good resources them please share!

Best regards,