Android Question "Old" registered user but need help in installing


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1. I used B4A from version 2 on my old computer running XP (booooo)
2 .Have a brand new computer running windows10.
3. old XP machine is not available
4. already downloaded , but NOT installed B4A v55 full, and a new licence file
5. have an existing keystore file

I want to install b4a on new machine
1. do I follow the step for remote compilation, and then local/full?
2. which "android versions" to download in the sdk? - i need for android 4 (.2 .4 etc) and ALSO 2.2 (froyo)
3. where do i download and install the emulator?
4. do i just drop the licence file and the keystore file in the B4A directory?


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Follow the tutorial for local installation. Especially the part with the android SDK
Update/install all Parts you need in SDK manager
The emulator is part of the SDK
If i remember correctly the licence file must be selected when first starting the IDE together with the email you registered with this licence.
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