B4J Question OpenJDK 11 - run non-GUI app on Ubuntu Fileserver/Webserver


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I just set up a new developer-computer with Windows 10 and installed OpenJDK 11 on this computer.

I have a non-GUI B4J-app (fileserver/webserver) running on a Ubuntu-computer in our local network.
I have now added new functionality to my FIle/Webserver B4J-app and I now need to deploy it on the Ubuntu-computer. It currently has Oracle Java 8 installed.
I want to install OpenJDK 11 also on the Ubuntu-computer because of the licensing.

When testing GUI B4J-apps on my local developer computer, I noted that I now need to use B4JPackager11 to run such GUI-apps in standalone-mode.
When deploying the non-GUI app to the Ubuntu-computer, I read that I cannot use B4JPackager11. How do I run my non-GUI B4J-app on the ubuntu-computer? Will the usual command-line method still work or do I need to do it in another way.

Sorry, I am just trying to see what problems I might face in order to reduce downtime as much as possible.

Any hints would be most welcome. Thanks.


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Depending on Ubuntu version, apt can install OpenJDK 11. There should actually a package that just installs the JRE. There is a headless version that does not include all the unnecessary GUI elements. And yes, command line will still work as usual. Currently on my phone, but here is a hint/link:
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