B4i Library [tool] OTA Deployer - Easily distribute your app to beta testers

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This is a tool for developers who use the hosted builder. With this tool your beta testers can install your app over the air by clicking on a link.

In order to distribute your app you need to follow these steps:

1. Add the beta tester device UDID to the provision file and download the updated file.
2. Compile your app in release mode, using the development certificate.
3. Download the archive with Tools - Build Server - Download Last Built.
4. Open archive.zip and extract the ipa file.
5. Run OTA Deployer (double click on the jar file), fill the fields and upload the ipa file to the server.


The server will return a long link starting with itms-services. Send this link to the beta testers (by email or any other way).


- The maximum allowed IPA size is 60mb.
- A single IPA file (the last one) is stored per account.
- IPA files will be deleted from the server after 30 days.

Download link: www.b4x.com/b4i/files/OTA_Deployer.jar
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Question, if I were to send you my link (via an email), would you be able to tell if it would get to the package, or would your device need to be a registered device to get there (I expect it would not install?)
You will need to add my device to the provision profile. If you like I can send you a UDID for you to add.

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Erel, you are so good at this, fixed the other changes of case done by the mail system, I now get get the message "would you like to install..."
Thank you for your assistance, It installs now. Now I can advance with learning how to apply richscript/text formatting to the files, to make the app work like my B4a App.


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Hello Erel,

i got the download link and tried it on my IPad.
the ipad asks to open the link with itunes, finds it (correct app-name, so i guess the link is right), but when i click install, it just says it couldn't download the app.

do you have any idea how to fix this?
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