Bug? Paths Configuration does not save set paths


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I have just installed B4A and all resources. When I choose the paths there is no OK button to close the form and save them. I close the dialogue with the X button. When I run code it asks me to configure the paths and does not show my previously chosen paths.

It acts as if I had not set the paths. Paths are in the standard places (Program Files/Android and Java folders).

I am running Windows 11 64-bit.

Why does the Paths Configuration keep losing my paths? I feel I must be missing something obvious here.


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Resize the window and you will see the button in the bottom right corner.
I'm not sure why it started like this. Might be related to the DPI scale setting.
Thank you. Resizing the Paths settings form did the trick. (I am using a 4K monitor which may possibly something to do with it.)
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