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Hi everyone,

i am happy to introduce you to my latest b4i creation. It has been a while since I programmed a game but as the saying goes: "I am back in the game!" 😁

Ok, so a little bit about the game.

Pinvaders is a very fun and addictive game.
It's a combination of the old Pinball and Invaders games. Fight the Invaders without any spaceship. Use only a ball and the sticks to get them.
Can you do it?

I started working on the game on 26/11/2020. So it took me less than 2,5 weeks even I have not used iSpritekit for a long time. I love making games with it and b4i is really a great tool to make games! I put a lot of attention to small details. if you look close you will understand what I mean.

So, please download it, try it, rate it and let me know what ya think :)

enough talking, here is the link:

btw. I have 1 issue. I am not able to get ads to the app. i have implemented the ads the same as i did to all my apps but no ads are showing. (discussed already in this thread)
I think it has something to do with the new privacy policy of apple on ios14
it says that it will start getting in effect on 8/12/2020 and i uploaded my build on 12/8/2020 so we need to understand the new process on how to get ads to new apps.
if I try to follow these steps:
I am not able to publish the app for review i am always getting an error message in the dev console that i have to do something and I don't really understand what. So please if someone has already gone through this process or is willing to try to figure out how to get ads with ios14 please let me (us) know and post a thread about it. I hope @Erel will have a look at it.

and a small video demo:

another video:

Regards, ilan

PS: i almost forgot. BIG BIG BIG THANKS TO @JanPRO who made all this possible :)


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Cool concept!


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Very nice.

I also really like the trail of the ball; however it is white like the central rectangle, I would change one of the two.

"Remember" :) to add some alien rockets that make one of the 4 flippers explode temporarily and/or make them shorten.


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"Remember" :) to add some alien rockets that make one of the 4 flippers explode temporarily and/or make them shorten.

actually, i have already implemented it but then decided to keep it out since it will be to hard to play.
after you complete 2 level the alien will start having more then 1 life and when level increase life of the alien increase too so it start getting harder and harder to complete the level.

buying new balls will make it simpler since the ball will get a higher enemy kill rate. for example the bowling ball will take 2 lifes of an alien on one single hit. the tennis ball will take 3 lifes on a single hit. i know it doesn't make any sense but remember it is just a game :)


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Also, remember not to write sentences like these:

so as not to increase our frustration :confused:πŸ˜„

i want to increase your motivation. ;)
i am even not working on it full time only at nights (and not even every night)
so if you work hard you can do beautiful stuff with b4x!
i think i did in 8 years about 70 apps. so about 8 apps per year on average.
and if i can do it everyone can.