Android Question Playing parts of video


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Do you know, if it is possible to display a small part of a video mp4 file (2D animation), but from a begin frame number to an end frame number ?

If yes, just in code and without specific reader panel or menu

(I thaught of the Sprites concept but with video script instead with a suite of Image)

Regards Michel


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Yes i had tried that, but the ExoPlayer had made me an error (B4X 9.80 + Exoplayer 1.41 + all additional libs files 2.11.3.aar)

Génération du fichier R.    (0.30s)
Compilation du code du débogueur.    (0.69s)
Compilation du code Java.    (0.94s)
Conversion bytes code - dex optimisé.    (1.49s)
Assemblage des fichiers.    (0.68s)
Copie de resources de bibliothèque.    (0.01s)
Signature fichier 'package' (debug key).    (1.01s)
ZipAlign file.    (0.15s)
Installation sur le dispositif.    Error
adb: failed to install 1_RAPID_DEBUG.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE]


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Its ok with : android:targetSdkVersion="28"
many thanks