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hi all
it is been a few days I am battling with this. a couple of days ago I received an email from Google telling me that my app is violating their policy thus they restricted ad serving, the violation they describe is the following layout encourages accidental clicks -interstitial ads on app load/exit +3 more violations.
so what i did is i removed all interstitial ads and asked for a review, it took them 2 days to replay and today they say that the app still violates. the only thing the app has now is the banner adds on every page.
the app is simple it has a list view you click on it and you get an rss feed from a website at the bottom there is a banner and at the bottom of list view.
what do the app violate? i don't understand can you please help me?


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What are the "+3 more violations"?

Put a screen of your app with the banner.

Did you check this links:

[from the second link]
Mobile phones have limited screen size, which means that careful planning for your ad placement is especially important. Close proximity of banner ads to other elements within an app is one of the biggest causes of accidental clicks. To avoid accidental clicks, banner ads should not be placed next to interactive buttons, such as a "next" button or a custom app menu bar, next to interactive content like a text chat box or an image in an image gallery, or on a game play screen where users are continuously interacting with the app.

They forgot to write:
"So, place your banner... on the back of the device"

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