Bug? Problem With Strange behaviors in B4A V 10

Marcos Alves

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Hello all,

since I upgraded from B4A 9.30 to B4A 10 I'm getting many strange behaviors even in apps where compiled and ran absolutely well when compiled in the previous version. Checking the debug window I also found some strange informations, like in the sample that I replicated as follows... see:
- cursor2 WAS initialized
- there IS a result set from query (I can garante this)
- in debug shows that cursor2 isn't initialized and... sometimes even when debug says that, a result set is showed on the screen!!!!!

These strange behaviors (showing in debug a variable which really contains data and its presented on screen as an empty or even not initialized object) are frequent after the upgrade to B4A V10. Again, exactly the same app compiled in V 9.30 runs completely fine! The behavior doesn't reflects only in debug - this causes the app to crash sometimes (apparently in a random pattern)
I really don't know how to do anymore. I'll do a downgrade and wait for suggestions...

Please, is anybody having the same problems?

PS: by the way... cursor2.rowcount, if cursor2 is not initialized as showed in debug, should rise an error .... but this doesn't occurs. Notice that it isn't possible to know the cursor2.rowcount also (maybe loading previously in a variable, but this shouldn't be required no?). This strange behavior occurs with maps also.
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