Android Question Process variables

I'm creating a very simple android app.
I have the Main Module and Resultado Module
In Main Module I declared a Public variable called numeroescolhido
When I try to assign its value to a label in Resultado Module it is not accepted.
What elsa must I do to get and use the value of that Public variable?
I read and I watch videos, but I couldn't find out what I am doing wrong.
Thanks in advance for any help in this subject


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When you declare a variable, like your numeroescolhido , as Public in Process_Globals in the Main module.
Then you can access it in other modules with Main.numeroescolhido.
You must add the module name as a prefix.

This is explained in the B4X Basic Language booklet page 19.
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Thank you Klaus and Erel for your help.
It's working as Klaus said, and Iwill go to read the articles you brought to my attention. I searched the net, but I couldn't find out any usefull tip regardind this subject.
Once more, thank you both.
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